SCUBA for beginners

PADI Discover SCUBA Diving is a program where you will receive basic instructions, to realize an immersion through Huatulco's coral reef. At all moment will be next to you, to show you the astonishing marine realm.



Every day we offer SCUBA tours departure time 9 and 14 h lasting around 5 hours, Huatulco has numerous dive sites to offer according to your certification and experience, we do not spare when finding the best location.


Diving Courses / Cursos de buceo

We are PADI certification instructors in all recreational dive levels. Our level is Master Scuba Diver trainer, this shows the teaching experience in diver-level courses, come and get your certification course in Huatulco.


SCUBA for kids / Buceo para niños

SCUBA for kids

Let us share with your kids, their first plunge, and incomparable experience. This activity is design for 8 years old age so the small ones can start exploring the underwater world.


Snorkel Tours

Snorkel Tours

During this activity we sail out searching Huatulco´s coral reef, to appreciate the most notorious species that live there.


Marine mammals’ observation (during season only)

In this tour we sail out early searching this incredible organism, sailing four hours, enjoying the spectacular landscapes that Huatulco bays got to offer.


Night Diving / Buceo Nocturno

Night diving requires being familiar with the diving equipment, so it requires at least a SCUBA diving certification. It is a fascinating and spectacular activity, since the colors and activity of marine life changes completely.


Dive Shop

Offering a wide variety in swimming equipment, snorkel and SCUBA diving, so you can acquire the most comfortable according to your budget. If we don’t have ask and will get for you.


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