About Us

Our group is conform by University of the Sea (Universidad del Mar) graduate students, belonging to related degrees, marine biologists, oceanographers, environmental engineers and fish farmers. We start as college SCUBA diving club in Puerto Angel, Oaxaca, our main reason was the sea´s sympathy.     

Academics and students use to organize weekend trips to go diving so we could share our experiences, skills, challenges and favorite diving spots. At the same time we realized some field practices, samplings and some experiments searching to improve in our jobs, homework and/or projects.  

The diving club establishing idea was to easier diving´s logistic, whenever it was necessary to collect, to monitor or measure some parameters, without having to worry about administrative schedules or dates. 

We manage to get all the infrastructure and logistic over time, making us able to realize SCUBA tours, as the idea evolved, we start to offer our services to the public, our approach was to share our profession knowledge. 

This is how Buceo Huatulco was born on a 14th of February 2010, our life project. We been preparing for many years to get here, we were swimming teachers for over 15 years. We fund the Aquatics activities coordination at the Universidad del Mar, which we develop for 8 years. Besides we´ve got a lot of experience working in many dive centers, Caribbean and Mexican pacific ocean. 

At the moment we have the Master Scuba Diver Training from PADI, level that shows the experience in teaching recreational diving.  All our staff is certificated in first aid response and we also provide Emergency First Response certification. 

We enjoy so much teaching SCUBA diving, we believe that anybody can dive, within its limitations and capabilities, to any person should be denied the sea´s delight. There´s why we invite you to “share our passion for the sea”. 


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